Data collection

CustoCentrix considerably simplifies data collection
and approval at check-out.

Fewer hiccups in the key stages of the customer journey:
Registration for the loyalty programme,
satisfaction of the check-out and customer care teams.

Collection of comprehensive personal details in just a few seconds.

Collection of explicit consent for the use of personal details as well as opt-in emails.

Archiving of confirmations of approval and making all the personal data accessible and modifiable, in line with the regulations (GDPR and ePrivacy). All of this is possible through the 'My Freedelity' portal.

Seamlessly collect information on purchasing behaviour and link it with every consumer's personal data:

  • At check-out
  • When they make a purchase via one of your e-channels

Collect information on habits and commitment based on the way consumers use your communication channels.

  • Digital channels (emails opened, clicks, log-ins on mobile apps, etc.)
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Participation in competitions and surveys
  • Use of personal vouchers or gift vouchers
  • Responses to and effects of direct marketing efforts

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