Data collection using terminals and kiosks

Here are the five versions of Kiosks to speed up data collection. All that's left is to customise them to your image.

Using terminals or kiosks combined with electronic ID cards is the most efficient way to collect personal data and drive customer relations at the point of sale.

Data collection using terminals and kiosks

With 10 years of valuable experience, Freedelity proposes five models of its data collection kiosks.

The kiosks are mainly used by our clients to:
  • Register new members,
  • Collect email addresses, mobile numbers and consent regarding their use in direct marketing campaigns,
  • Enable regular checking of personal data and preferences,
  • Enable direct access for customers to their personal data,
  • Allow customers to consult and print out coupons and benefits,
  • Organise competitions,
  • Carry out specific customer service requests such as requests for invoices, access to paperless tickets and receipts, and so on.
The benefits of Freedelity kiosks:
  • 1.5 seconds to read and check personal data on electronic ID cards,
  • Easy collection of complete data,
  • Focus on collecting email addresses, mobile numbers and consent regarding their use in direct marketing campaigns,
  • Traceability of consent and GDPR compliance,
  • Simple, user-friendly interfaces,
  • Online mode can also switch to offline where necessary,
  • Remote management.

To meet the main user requirements of these kiosks,
our designers have come up with five models.


Kiosk is a new, full version of the classic kiosk, with a 13-inch touchscreen and 1920x1080 resolution.

The new design makes it easier to insert the card into the front of the device and makes it more visible for the customer. It also has an NFC and Barcode reader (optional) to respond to new uses with apps (e.g. smartphone).

Download the technical specifications


For some people, a 13-inch screen just isn't enough. This is the perfect solution if you want a larger touchscreen.

For this reason, we have designed a model which allows you to plug any cable (HDMI, USB, RJ45, etc.) into the back of this kiosk without an in-built screen.

This gives you more freedom to create your own kiosk design in cooperation with your agencies or partners, allowing you to choose or add your own touchscreen.

Download the technical specifications


Designed to be held in a VESA mount that can be easily placed on a counter without taking up too much room, the principle behind the Frame is the same as for the Kiosk with a card reader on the front as well as an NFC reader and a 13-inch touchscreen.

Download the technical specifications


The Totem kiosk offers a highly attractive 32-inch screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1152 pixels. It has been designed for the comfort of your consumers' eyes but also for ease of use and data encoding.

Equipped with an all-glass surface, the touch screen is installed underneath. This design is easy to clean and gives the kiosk an eye-catching, high-end appearance.

Download the technical specifications


Acquire your customer data on the move with our portable Mobile kiosk.

As for the small Mobile device, it integrates interesting hardware components for our use cases (smartcard reader, NFC, barcode scanner, thermal printer) in a portable form factor with particular attention paid to the finish.

Download the technical specifications
Table of dimensions
Kiosk438 mm200 mm437 mm
Box438 mm200 mm100 mm
Frame432 mm107 mm386 mm
Totem490 mm725 mm1934 mm
Mobile144 mm20 mm74 mm

Your kiosk in the image of your brand!

Our three versions of kiosks can be printed based on your own designs and thus be in perfect harmony with your corporate identity.

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