CustoCentrix videos

These videos are designed to help you better understand how CustoCentrix works.

Presentation of CustoCentrix

Find out the main drivers of growth which CustoCentrix will enable you to harness.


In-store customer experience and data collection

Find out how CustoCentrix enables you to collect your customers' personal data more quickly at your points of sale as well as getting their consent for future marketing campaigns while guaranteeing a memorable and pleasant customer experience, ensuring compliance with GDPR and e-privacy regulations and respecting the rights and expectations of customers regarding access and control of their personal data.


Understanding your customers better is the key to boosting profits.

Make life much simpler for your colleagues on the check-out: It takes just 2.5 seconds to collect complete and reliable customer data!


Find out about the possibilities
offered by the MyFreedelity app with QR Codes


The acquisition

The mini-site


Gift certificates

Discover our CustoQuestions (FR)

#1 What is the RFM?

#2 When the crisis came...

#3 5 good reasons to collect and maintain home addresses

#4 Mutualisation of personal data management

#5 Geomarketing and territorial breakdown in Belgium

#6 Why is it important to support and monitor the \

#7a The catchment areas - The theory

#7b The catchment areas - Case study

#8 What is Life Time Value?

#9 On the use of eID for data collection at the point of sale

#10 Customer journey and relationship marketing

#11 Optimization of postal communication budgets

#12 7 uses of catchment areas

#13 Loyalty or loyalty program?

#14 Collecting email opt-ins

#15 How to improve the conversion rate of my direct mailing actions

#16 Guided tour of MyFreedelity

#17 What is the NPS - Net Promoter Score

#18 Analysis of the performance of a retail network

#19 The DataLake

#20 Sponsorship and commitment

#21 CDP - Customer Data Platform

#22 GDPR in the retail environment

#23 Algorithms and Marketing - AI and Machine Learning with Albert Derasse

#24 UI on Consumer Kiosks

#25 The dematerialized ticket

#26 DataQuality for CRM

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