Cookie management policy

The purpose of this is to inform you clearly and as fully as possible about CustoCentrix®'s use of Cookies and their purpose. We also refer you to the various contractual documents that you have signed as a Member of the company and of the services provided by S.A./N.V Freedelity.

1. Cookies

A Cookie is the equivalent of a text file stored on an Internet user's terminal, either on their browser or on your computer's hard drive. These Cookies contain certain information that Freedelity uses to better process your requests and improve and optimize our services.

2. Purpose

The CustoCentrix® website uses Cookies and similar technologies to distinguish and identify your usage preferences. This allows us to provide you with a better experience when visiting our CustoCentrix® website and to optimize it.

Cookies and similar technologies, however, do not allow us to systematically collect data that could identify you. They only help us to improve the functioning of our website, to understand what your interests are and to assess the relevance of the content of our website.

3. Information recorded during your visits to CustoCentrix®

Some information will be automatically recorded during your visit.

This information includes®:

  • the IP address of your computer®;
  • the browser version®;
  • the browser type®;
  • the browser language®;
  • the pages of our site you visit®;
  • the time and date of your visit.

This information is kept by Freedelity to improve the content of our site and to perform statistics.

4. The various cookies likely to be deposited on your terminal

Freedelity S.A. / N.V. uses or is likely to use the following Cookies®:

  • Freedelity Session Cookies in order to recognize the user®;
  • Google analytics and Google tag manager Cookies in order to establish traffic statistics for example®;
  • Zendesk cookies (Zopim) for the management of "®click to chat®"®;
  • of Social Network Pixels®;
  • of Pixel emails (for Freedelity platform only)®;
  • Advertising retargeting cookies (coming soon)®;
  • Cookies in connection with the use of Video platforms (to come).

5. E-mails

E-mails we send to you may contain web beacon pixels ("®web beacon pixel®"). These allow us to identify you when you open the email and to check which links or advertisements in the email you have accessed, and to identify which parts of the information in our emails are important to you. You can remove the pixel by deleting the e-mail. If you do not want to download the pixel to your computer or other device, you can do so in plain text rather than HTML.

6. Consent

When you visit the CustoCentrix® website we will invite you to consent to the use of Cookies. You are free to accept or decline Cookies but we have a responsibility to point out that declining may adversely affect the experience of browsing our website, especially when it comes to functional Cookies.

7. Managing and disabling cookies

You have the option at any time to configure your browser by changing the settings to reject Cookies. Please note that rejecting or completely rejecting Cookies may substantially impair the functionality that our website offers.

Henceforth Freedelity disclaims any responsibility for the consequences related to (i) possible malfunctions of the website resulting from Freedelity's inability to save or view Cookies necessary for the operation of its Services, and (ii) refusal or deletion of Cookies by the user.

The deactivation of Cookies can be done by configuring your browser and/or by deactivating sharing content in social networks.

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