Consumer Data Hub

Collecting and updating personal contact and identification data

This is the foundation of the CustoCentrix solution. This feature provides a unique identification to each customer who has granted your company consent to process their personal data.

It also contributes to the updating of each customer's identification and contact data in cooperation with the Freedelity file and its ingenious concept of shared updating.

Consumer Data Hub

By using CustoCentrix, you will be joining the community of companies who have signed up to the principle of shared management of identification and contact data.

It is this shared management of customers' identification and contact data which makes CustoCentrix and Freedelity's offer so unique!

Important to remember

Only identification and contact data are shared! All other data remain the exclusive property of your company and are managed in a secure environment reserved exclusively for your company or group of companies.

Thanks to this unique concept for the centralised management of personal data, your customers who become members of the Freedelity file can gain secure access to On this web page, they can keep control of their personal data and manage their consent regarding the use of their data for marketing purposes.

Benefits for you

  • Simplified data collection and improved customer experiences.
  • Since all other data are collected and displayed by reading the customer's electronic ID card, you can focus on collecting their email address and consent.
  • Flawless GDPR compliance: thanks to MyFreedelity, you don't need to build your own portal and you can significantly reduce the number of complaints and requests sent to your customer service department or DPO.
  • A unique identification of each customer and assisted management of duplicates provides you with a database free from duplicates and enables you to group together people living in the same household. It sounds too good to be true!
  • Complete and reliable data effortlessly updated. No additional costs thanks to data sharing!
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Your requirements and targets

  • Collecting complete personal data in a matter of seconds and with minimal hassle;
  • Collecting explicit consent for the use of personal data and email opt-in;
  • Archiving proof of consent and enabling customers to access and modify their personal data in accordance with the regulations (GDPR and ePrivacy);
  • Having reliable and effortlessly updated data available at all times.

Key points to remember


Hassle-free data collection.


Data collected in accordance with best industry practices.


Data updated effortlessly.

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