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The publisher responsible for this website is the commercial company named “Freedelity”, which is a public limited company (S.A. or société anonyme), hereinafter referred to as “Freedelity SA” registered with the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises under number 0818.399.886 with headquarters at Rue du Bosque no.8, 1400 Nivelles.


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Freedelity SA declines any liability for any damage of any kind whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, resulting from the use of this website including due to: a technical or non-technical error, a failed transfer, an overload, a difficulty in use, a service disruption (including the system maintenance service), a delay in sending information, an incompatibility between this site and the user's files and/or software and/or their computer, a malfunction, an interference, the transmission of a virus within their computer, an illegal intrusion such as computer piracy, an intentional blockage of telecommunications tools and networks (e.g. following the mass sending of electronic mail or denial of service attacks) or any other failure by telecommunications or network service providers.

It is every user's responsibility to take the appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or to avoid any contamination by any malicious software circulating on the internet network.

Freedelity SA nevertheless tries to carefully select the information that it distributes on this website: it cannot however give any guarantee as to its accuracy, reliability or exhaustivity.


Both Freedelity SA and the user of this website must comply with the applicable provisions in Belgium relating to personal data protection.

When a connection is made or electronic communication sent, the user's data are transmitted over a public network that is accessible to all. Furthermore, data may cross borders, even if the issuer and the recipient reside in the same country. Transmission is made in separate, coded packets, but the indication of the sender and the recipient is not encrypted. It is not impossible that third parties may have access to such information and that they may deduce the existence of contacts with Freedelity SA.

Freedelity SA collects data relating to site visits (including, but not limited to the user’s IP address), which is used for statistical, security, system surveillance, management and marketing purposes and for compliance with legal and regulatory obligations. This data is anonymous.

Freedelity SA only collects data that may personally identify the user when they provide it voluntarily, within the framework of normal website use by the user. In this case, Freedelity SA can use this information for the same purposes as the data relating to website visits. Within Freedelity SA, personal data is sent, stored and used for the purposes planned and envisaged by Freedelity SA's professional activity.

Freedelity SA may need to send the user's data to external service providers, to execute certain tasks that it cannot perform itself, while ensuring that said service providers process it confidentially and securely. Freedelity SA may need to send personal data to third parties pursuant to certain legal provisions or on the basis of administrative of judicial decisions.

For more information on the nature of data collected and its use, the user may refer to the Principal Contract and/or the Data Processing Agreement signed with Freedelity.


This website may provide hypertext links that provide access to websites published by other companies, interest groups or organisations.

Freedelity SA does not under any circumstances guarantee the exhaustivity, accuracy or updating of information located on these other websites.

Freedelity SA does not therefore assume an liability for the content of other websites linked or leading to this website. You are solely responsible for accessing and using these websites, you do so at your own risk and Freedelity declines any liability. The user will refrain from making any claims or complaints under any circumstances whatsoever.


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It is strictly prohibited to reproduce any part of this website.

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Unless Freedelity SA has given its explicit written consent, the use of this website in any form whatsoever for public or commercial purposes other than those envisaged and provided for by Freedelity SA is prohibited.


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