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Real-time data to power your CRM and your marketing automation solution.

Real-time view of transactions made at the point of sale by consumers known to the Freedelity file.

The power of "real-time" platforms has already been demonstrated in e-commerce tools and digital advertising tools. Is this concept of real time transferable to the retail sector? And if so, what benefits could it bring?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Knowing each of your customers by name, their habits, their purchasing behaviour and being able to react in real time is becoming a key element of building customer relationships.

This is precisely what the "retail" data acquisition and consolidation solutions developed by Freedelity provide upstream of marketing automation tools.

And the icing on the cake: an unparalleled level of data quality and a unified approach to all sales channels. How? Simply through a unique method of identification which involves reading the identity cards of 6,950,000 adult consumers residing in Belgium, coupled with the clever concept of collecting consent and pooling the management of personal data developed by Freedelity (the Freedelity file).

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