Solutions for data collection and consent

Minimum hassle and maximum efficiency when collecting data and recording consent.

Alongside CustoCentrix, Freedelity has designed and provides assistance with a range of data collection solutions.

Solutions for data collection and consent

Kiosks and terminals

Using terminals or kiosks combined with electronic ID cards is the most efficient way to collect personal data and drive customer relations at the point of sale.

More information on our kiosks and terminals


A high-performance and clearly documented API is available for development teams and partners looking to integrate CustoCentrix with other solutions dealing with customer experience or the productivity of teams on the ground. This includes integration with:

  • Check-out systems;
  • E-commerce platforms;
  • CRM solutions;
  • Marketing automation;
  • Competition solutions;
  • Solutions for monitoring client satisfaction.


With a view to pooling resources and with the support of clients, Freedelity has invested in designing and maintaining connectors for various solutions to complement CustoCentrix.

  • Organising competitions
  • Measuring client satisfaction
  • PIM (Product Information Management)
  • Text messages and push messages
  • Digital printing


In order to make the collection of data and consent easier in digital environments, Freedelity teams offer bespoke developments provided in the form of iframes. This made-to-measure operating mode enables clients to outsource to Freedelity the development and maintenance of apps affected by GDPR compliance issues.

QR codes and the mobile app

Toujours dans ce même esprit de mutWith the same mindset of sharing developments between companies, Freedelity has developed the MyFreedelity mobile app to include personal data identification and sharing functions using QR codes..

More information on data collection using QR codes

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