How can you grab your customers' attention at the checkout?

By using "Customer Screen"! This new additional driver for action integrates seamlessly with your electronic cash register (ECR) software.

Or how can you simplify your checkout teams' tasks while making the most of this key point in your customers' journey?

How can you grab your customers' attention at the checkout?

What are the aims of Customer Screen?

Speed up the recruitment of new members for your clubs and loyalty programmes.

Collect more email addresses, mobile numbers and consent regarding their use for direct marketing purposes.

Activate membership of electronic till receipt solutions

Massively simplify integration between your POS system and CustoCentrix modules, via a brand new API.

What do I need? The Customer Screen solution requires 5 components:


A Linux or Android application intended for payment terminals as well as standalone touch screens.


The use of smart card or RFID readers integrated into payment terminals or connected to screens.


A range of pre-configured standalone touch screens.


A design module that takes the form of a workflow of images, screens and forms.


An API standardising interactions with both the electronic cash register software and the CustoCentrix modules.

What are the benefits of the Customer Screen solution?

  • Display of generic promotional messages:
    • to promote your loyalty offers
    • to encourage customers to log in
    • to support your Retail Media offer.
  • Collection of personal data and consents:
    • creation of new memberships
    • collection of email addresses and mobile numbers
    • traceability of consents.
  • Personalised welcome and publication of notifications for the customer (and the checkout operator)
    • correction of incorrect email addresses and telephone numbers
    • collection of preferences for digital till receipts and other options
    • notifications about benefits accumulated by customers (points balance, vouchers and gift vouchers, achievement of targets, etc.)
  • Display of individualised promotional messages

Technical specifications for standalone touch screens

  • Dimensions: 275.5 × 193.5 × 46 mm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Resolution: 1280 x 800 px
  • Connectivity:
    • Ethernet — 1x Gb LAN
    • USB — 2x USB 3.0 Host, 1 x USB OTG
    • RTC — High Accuracy RTC, can work for 1 week after power off
    • GPIO — 8 Channels, 4 Input, 4 Output
    • RS485 — 2x RS485
    • RS232 — 2x RS232
    • CAN — 1x CAN-BUS
  • ECR integration protocols

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