Data collection via the YUMI terminal

In collaboration with Worldline, the YUMI terminal completes CustoCentrix's range of solutions, enabling registration, and the collection of data and email addresses, at the checkout.

Data collection via the YUMI terminal

Yumi, a latest generation payment terminal with a sleek design.

The YUMI was designed by the Worldline teams to make checkout workers' jobs easier and to declutter checkout counters, by concentrating as many features as possible into a single terminal.

This goal is achieved by opening up the terminal to third party applications. And Worldline and Freedelity have just made it a reality. CustoCentrix's personal data collection and consent forms have recently become the first application approved for the YUMI.

S├ębastien Buysse
CEO Freedelity

We're proud that our experience in mobile app development, combined with the experience of Worldline's technical teams, has made it possible to design and approve CustoCentrix for YUMI. YUMI is a distillation of the latest technology, from large format touch screens and cameras, to card and NFC readers. It's the perfect platform to simplify and grow customer interactions at the checkout.

Worldline is investing in its Android terminals, which integrate third-party apps that make them much more than simple payment solutions. Freedelity is the first app to be approved by Worldline, who are focusing on their payment terminal, the YUMI. We have teamed up with a local player because we want to create ever more value that will benefit our customers and the end users of our solutions.

Virginie Waroquiers
Head of Benelux Region at Worldline

CustoCentrix and YUMI: a winning combination.

With YUMI, you have a robust and ergonomic terminal that is securely linked to your checkout system. The terminal handles multiple payment features with ease.

With CustoCentrix for YUMI, you can quickly and reliably identify each of your consumer customers, while frictionlessly building up a rich marketing database that is effortlessly updated and 100% GDPR compliant!

CustoCentrix for YUMI: the key features

  • Means of identification: use of the electronic identity card (eID) - or the MyFreedelity mobile app via QRCode or NFC - as a way of identifying a customer and/or making traditional loyalty cards paperless.
  • Data collection:
    • Data stored on the eID card is read via the YUMI card reader. The process takes 1.5 seconds to collect complete personal data without the risk of typing errors.
    • If a consumer refuses to use their electronic identity card, the terminal allows for manual entry of their details. CustoCentrix for YUMI has this feature natively integrated.
  • Collection and traceability of consent: using the touch screen, consumers can choose to accept the data processing and usage terms themselves. CustoCentrix and MyFreedelity ensure consent is traceable and handle the management of consumer rights when it comes to processing their personal data.
  • Collection and maintenance of email addresses and mobile numbers: The simplicity and fluidity of the data collection process means that there are many situations where it is possible to focus directly on collecting these two invaluable direct communication 'open sesames' via digital channels. Consumers can use the touch screen to enter this data themselves, thereby drastically reducing coding errors.
  • [Subscription to additional packages and services:[/b] CustoCentrix for YUMI integrates features for subscribing to additional services, such as paperless options for:
    • receipts,
    • proof of purchase of goods under warranty,
    • invoices.

Accelerate, enhance, improve

Now made easy. Data, and therefore data collection processes, is a major challenge for retail players. Stakeholders of all sizes are having to face glass ceilings when it comes to their data collection and management plans.

Our teams have a limited ability to identify customers at the checkout. The rate at which we are able to document sales is slowing.

The success of our omnichannel sales strategy depends on the collection of opt-in email addresses. Why are we not able to collect more at our points of sale?

The quality of our data is becoming poorer over time. Our processing costs continue to rise. How can we change this?

Simply put, with CustoCentrix we help you grow your data and email consent collection at your points of sale and make it easier to keep them up to date. "Complete and reliable data, frictionlessly collected and effortlessly updated."

CustoCentrix for YUMI in video

In collaboration with the Worldline teams, we filmed a few sequences showing data collection during the checkout process at a checkout fitted with a YUMI.

Full sequence of an in-store purchase with checkout on a YUMI.

Watch the video

Correction of an incorrect email address by a customer, after CustoCentrix sent an alert on identifying the error using the customer's ID card.

Watch the video

Ultra quick identification of an existing customer using their ID card.

Watch the video

Onboarding of a new member via ID card reading. Collection of an email address, mobile number and consent. Management of customer refusal.

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