The Freedelity file

Effortless updating of data

As all the experts will tell you, keeping a record of several hundreds of thousands or millions of customers up-to-date is one of the major stumbling blocks hindering a successful CRM project.

For companies concerned about the quality of identification and contact data, data quality takes up a significant share of the budget on a recurring basis, requiring internal resources and costly expert contributions in the form of services, software or multiple file transfers.

The Freedelity file

How does the CustoCentrix platform work?

Using electronic ID cards

Since it was founded in 2010, Freedelity has enabled its clients to simplify the way they collect personal data by using the data contained in the chip on electronic ID cards. In just 1.5 seconds, you have complete and correct data. This is very much appreciated by teams working on check-outs or in customer services.

Rest assured, this approach is perfectly legal because we only process certain pieces of accessible data in accordance with the regulations in force.

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Shared updating of personal data

Why share the automatic updating of data? Because that way, everyone’s a winner. Indeed, what is the point in rolling out a commercial campaign if your database is not up-to-date?

Here is how Freedelity works:

  • Freedelity has identified those pieces of data which are essential for carrying out direct marketing: identification data (full name, date of birth, home address, language, sex and a unique identifier) and contact data (postal address, email address, mobile number). These data make up the Freedelity file.
  • When personal data are collected by a client company of CustoCentrix, Freedelity checks whether the customer is already known in the Freedelity file. If they aren't, the customer is informed by the company representative that they will grant two levels of consent for the processing of their personal data. Consent is granted both to the company and also to Freedelity. The second level of consent makes the shared update of personal data possible.
  • When identifying a customer by reading their ID card or using the forms on the kiosks and other digital interfaces, Freedelity's algorithms can detect any changes that need to be made to their personal data (change of postal address, new email address, corrections of any kind, etc.)
  • The modifications identified are automatically copied over to the databases of those companies to which the customer in question has granted consent for the processing of their personal data.
  • This automated updating combined with methods to identify and manage unique profiles lays the foundations for the use of CustoCentrix's other features.

Traceability of consent and GDPR compliance

In addition to its role as controller of the personal data of customers identified in the Freedelity file and the agent sharing the updates of the data among companies, Freedelity tracks and organises the traceability of the consent collection methods used.

All these data are made accessible in a secure way to each customer through the MyFreedelity portal in accordance with the European personal data protection regulations (GDPR).

In short, Freedelity can guarantee that:

  • High-quality data are effortlessly collected and kept up-to-date;
  • It is GDPR-compliant;
  • Solid foundations are laid down to help you develop your CRM, loyalty and relationship marketing programmes.
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