CustoCentrix has a feature entirely dedicated to geomarketing analysis via interactive mapping interfaces. Did you know that every postal address in the Freedelity file (and therefore in your marketing database) is enriched with geographic positioning and a statistical sector code.



Enriched data enable the user to carry out a range of analyses and respond to various questions to do with customer location.
Here are a few examples in the form of queries:

Where are the main concentrations of customers located?

What are the trading areas of each of my points of sale?

What is the local performance of each point of sale within their trading area?

Where are the areas of potential growth not yet covered by my network of points of sale?

What proportion of my customers live more than 15 minutes drive time from my points of sale and what proportion of my turnover is made from those customers?

How can I optimise the allocation of my budget for distributing my door-to-door advertising materials?

Which customers should I send advertising material to by post since they don't receive my door-to-door advertising material and cannot be contacted by email?

Key points to remember


Geomarketing at your fingertips:
Geomarketing analysis generally requires specialised tools and a lot of data manipulation as well as support from specialists.
CustoCentrix makes geomarketing accessible to everyone.


You will have tools at your fingertips for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each store, analysing their trading area and defining local action plans, whose results are measurable.

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