Data collection via QR codes

MyFreedelity offers a wide range of possibilities with QR Codes.

Have you noticed that identifying a customer and entering the data is still a significant hassle?

This is why Freedelity is rolling out a new feature on its MyFreedelity mobile app.

Data collection via QR codes

Have you ever organised a competition?
Or used a survey to better understand the preferences and interests of your customers?Or offered coupons or gift vouchers for filling out a form?

Do you want to organise a competition?

No worries! By simply scanning a QR Code, the customer can access a portal where they are already identified, their options are registered and their GDPR consent is provided. Then they can enter the competition straight away!

Do you want to offer coupons in your store?

Once again, simply displaying a QR Code in your store will enable the customer to automatically receive the coupon on their app and also use it at the check-out, ensuring a fully-digital process.

Want to sign people up with a QR Code in your store?

No problem, you can do that too.

And online features haven't been left behind either: with a dynamic secure QR Code, the customer can share their data with a form in complete transparency. No more tedious jobs gathering together data collected through different channels.

Take a look at the main uses in the videos below and get in touch with the team for more details. Above all, remember that the Freedelity file holds personal data for more than 6,420,000 adult Belgian members, the overwhelming majority of whom (when requested respectfully and carefully) agree to share their personal data with the companies they trust.

Videos of some of the main uses...

Identification — enables a user to be identified. This is designed to enable customers to identify themselves easily and securely on a website.

Test the 'Identification' process

Acquisition — enables a user to join a group of stores. This is designed to allow a user to gain new clients for a group without having physical contact with the customer.

Test the 'Acquisition' process

The mini-site — enables the user to access a mini-website while being identified. This is designed to provide access to personalised websites (surveys, competitions, preferences, etc.) for one-off initiatives.

Test the 'The mini-site' process

Segmentation — allows a user to join a personalised segment (group) of clients. This is designed to enable clients to join a segment and receive specific benefits (extra loyalty) and communications.

Test the 'Segmentation' process

Gift vouchers — allows the user to receive a gift voucher on their account (gift voucher cannot be used in a Freedelity store). This is designed to allow clients to receive promotions through flyers or leaflets.

Test the 'Gift vouchers' process

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