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Here are some reviews from clients operating in the retail sector about the benefits of the marketing tool.

Effortless, high-quality data.

 4 customer reviews

We have a very extensive database, without any duplicates. This gives us a valuable resource for our CRM projects.

The postal return rate to our Direct Mail campaigns is incredibly low. This is one of the main advantages of the shared data update carried out by Freedelity.

Thanks to the speed and simplicity of data collection using electronic ID cards, we can focus on collecting email addresses and mobile numbers/GSM. We have exceeded our objectives and now have a very large email database.

The system for detecting duplicates and merging profiles is extremely effective. Finally, there are no more duplicates between data collected at points of sale and data collected via digital channels. With CustoCentrix, we now have efficient data stewardship interfaces.

High sales coverage thanks to a hassle-free process.

 2 customer reviews

For our Belgian network, we decided to do without a loyalty card. People already have too many cards in their wallet. Instead, the customer's ID card or the MyFreedelity mobile app can be used as ID at the check-out. Simplifying the process in this way helped us to quickly exceed our targeted objective in terms of percentage of sales for a given customer profile. It is a must for our client knowledge, activation and loyalty programmes.

We've completely revised our process for issuing new plastic cards. No more filling in forms and waiting for accounts to be activated. The cards are activated straight away and given to customers at the check-out. Customers are asked to go to the kiosks to give their consent and email address. It's simple, quick and effective. Our teams working on the check-outs and customer service kiosks love it! We've also significantly increased the number of active customers who carry our card.

In-depth customer knowledge which is ready to use.

 2 customer reviews

Data has become the new black gold. With CustoCentrix, all the data collected are made accessible so that they can be analysed, categorised, communicated and measured.

Finding a single solution with so many functions designed especially for marketing and sales teams has enabled us to make significant progress in terms of agility and efficiency.

Full compliance with the GDPR.

 3 customer reviews

Thanks to CustoCentrix, we keep track of the consent collection methods used for each customer. The versions of the privacy conditions and general terms and conditions in force at the time are also logged.

We haven't had to worry about developing a secure portal to enable customers to exercise their rights regarding their personal data. The www.myfreedelity.com portal does this job for us.

Our customer service team has detailed access to all the information necessary to answer customers' questions about how their personal data is processed. Freedelity also has a helpline which is available during opening hours.

A solid foundation for providing personalised offers and services.

 2 customer reviews

Having a central database which includes all our customers' profiles, regardless of how they use our communication channels (points of sale, e-commerce website, customer services, etc.), is a major advantage for our personalised approach.

The quality and unique nature of customer profiles along with information on the purchases they made have helped us develop new services. Our customers no longer need to provide proof of purchase when they use our after-sale service.

Affordable and user-friendly terminals make data collection easier.

 3 customer reviews

The kiosks designed by Freedelity play a key role in supporting our data collection and consent processes with regard to personal data processing. The in-built electronic ID card reader can collect all identification data in 1.5 seconds, which allows the focus to be put on collecting email addresses and mobile numbers. Thanks to these kiosks we have been able to register a really large volume of email addresses!

We use the kiosks designed by Freedelity to organise lotteries and competitions. There are so many opportunities to collect additional email addresses and check personal data read from the ID card.

Thanks to iframes designed by Freedelity, data collected online when people subscribe to the newsletter or sign up for promotions are fed directly into our CustoCentrix database. The integrated matching algorithms prevent duplicates. No more data silos or tedious data entry jobs!

Marketing automation and activating customer experiences.

 3 customer reviews

We replaced our old email marketing solution with CustoCentrix. The features are very similar. The big advantage is the 360° overview it gives you. All the interaction data are gathered together in a single platform. That helps us carry out our analysis and make our selections and we are also able to estimate the ROI of our actions

We often use the text message function. If used wisely, this channel is very well received, especially when it is used to provide a service. For example, we let people know about changes to opening hours or special opening times

The quality of postal addresses thanks to the shared updating of data among Freedelity clients is impressive. Despite the higher costs, we regularly use direct mail marketing, especially when there is no email opt-in. A common example is when we wish people a happy birthday. We send out personalised postcards with birthday wishes every week. It is a completely automated process.

Solutions for monetising customer knowledge with suppliers.

 2 customer reviews

We frequently invite our suppliers to take part in direct marketing campaigns to support the promotional calendar. Revenue from this collaboration helps us to fund our investments in data collection and keeping our databases up-to-date.

Ever since, we've been sending our ‘loyalty' advertising materials to our clients by post. Digital printing enables us to insert promotions offered by our suppliers in exchange for payment. We then share the statistics we get back with them. This represents a significant contribution to funding our budget for loyalty and sales activation programmes.

Win-win relationship marketing at a manageable cost.

 1 customer review

The payment model for using CustoCentrix is based on an 'all-in' price per known customer per year. Overall, it works out much less expensive than using various different solutions and services. It's also simple to budget for.

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