Like any marketer, you'd like to get to know your customers better.

You also want to analyse your catchment areas, segment and personalise your marketing actions, or support and boost your customer knowledge monetisation projects. It makes sense and we can only encourage you.


From now on, we are offering you to add an additional dimension to your customer data : Dividuals®.

Dividuals® is a brand new segmentation resulting from geomarketing and geostatistical work carried out by our partner SIRIUS Insight, the geomarketing specialist in Belgium.

This new segmentation makes it possible to represent the diversity of Belgium's population. Based on a wealth of data, it divides households into groups with similar characteristics.

In short, this new database marketing option, will enable you to refine your analyses even further, particularly if you want to make the most of your data investments in your relationship with advertisers or the establishment of your media plan !

Discover 6 use cases for Dividuals by downloading the white paper dedicated to it.

Download the white paper

To remember

Dividuals® is most certainly the most relevant and robust solution on the Belgian market for drawing up a socio-demographic and/or socio-economic profile of a customer base or territory (such as a catchment area or isochronous zone).

By relying on this source of reliable, high-quality complementary data, you'll not only make more informed decisions, but you'll also stimulate your teams' thinking and support test and learn approaches.

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