Consent Management platform

Supports the detailed management of consumer consents and preferences.

Consent Management platform

Consent management and GDPR compliance

The compliance aspect relating to data protection and the uses of digital communication channels for marketing purposes has become a real subject.

As much more so if your brand is planning or developing a retail media offering using profiling processing considered to be 'intrusive' and requiring the use of free, specific, informed and unambiguous consent.

CustoCentrix facilitates and simplifies the implementation of devices to ensure a +++ level of compliance with less effort.

Operating principles

  • A software solution for designing and operating consumer consent collection and management interfaces:
    • on 'tablets' installed on checkout benches in the same way as payment terminals;
    • on the touch screens of certain payment terminals;
    • on kiosks positioned at checkout.
  • Interactive forms that can be used directly on your websites, social media or e-commerce platforms.
  • A rules engine to individually solicit new consents or confirmation.
  • The automated sending of emails, SMS or postal mail confirming the consents collected and informing consumers of how to exercise their rights.
  • A detailed trace of where and how each individual's consent was collected. This trace includes the version of the privacy terms and conditions and general terms and conditions in force at the time they were collected.
  • A portal solution deployable via a sub-domain of your website that allows each of your customers to securely access their personal data and manage their preferences and consents.
  • The MyFreedelity application and portal.
  • Interfaces enabling your customer service or DPO to respond to consumer enquiries or complaints about the processing of their personal data.

To remember


An omnichannel and holistic approach to personal data and consent management.


A +++ level of compliance with ease and minimal effort.


An accelerator and key success factor for retailers investing in the implementation of a Retail Media offering.

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